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Zilch Sugar Free Margaritas are perfect for dieters, diabetics, bariatric patients and anyone who appreciates a great Margarita. Zilch complements a low carbohydrate lifestyle, almost any national diet program, or heart healthy eating plan. And Zilch Margaritas taste great, even if you aren't watching your weight.

Zilch's unique packaging will be just as thrilling for you as its great taste. Zilch was the first sugar free margarita mix on the market packaged in individual serving size packets. Do you miss drinking margaritas at your favorite restaurant or bar? Now, it's convenient for you to take your sugar free margarita mix along for the ride. Just order "tequila and water on the rocks." Zilch is also available in One Gallon Party Packets, letting you easily make margaritas by the pitcher or in margarita machines for your next gathering of friends and family.

A regular 8 ounce margarita contains up to a whopping 540 calories and 50 carbohydrates. If you drink three of them, you probably have already consumed your entire recommended daily caloric intake before you even get to a meal.  Lucky for you, now there is a delicious alternative. Zilch Sugar Free Margarita Mixers contain zero carbohydrates and zero calories. Yet, Zilch's taste is as authentic as the real thing.