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Sugar Free Lemon Drop Martini Recipes


Cocktails come in and out of fashion.  Before Oprah served Lemon Drop Martinis at the Legends Ball, Jack ordered one at the “Cow Poke” on Will and Grace.  Lemon Drops are very tart drinks, typically sweetened with sugar, triple sec, Cointrea, or syrups; and forbidden to diabetics or anyone counting carbs or calories.  Here are delicious Sugar Free Alternatives.


Easiest and Tastiest:

Follow directions on packet of Zilch Margarita Mix

Substitute Vodka for Tequila



For the Die Hard Martini Drinker:

One Packet Zilch Margarita Mix

2 Shots Vodka

˝ Cup Water

Lemon, squeezed to taste

Put ingredients in an ice-filled martini shaker; shake well. Strain liquid into martini glass.

(This recipe substitutes for Oprah’s Legends Ball Recipe. Oprah garnishes with mint.)