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Do you have any other tips to making the perfect Zilch margarita?
Zilch is packaged in individual serving size packets, designed to make the perfect margarita every time.  But, we realize that everyone has different tastes and every margarita has its own unique characteristics.  Below is a list of tips (many sent in by Zilch drinkers) that can help you enjoy Zilch to your own personal taste:
Use a High Quality Tequila.  Sauza Conmemorativo®, 1800®, or Casco Viejo® are good choices.
Less is Sometimes Better.  Depending on the type or amount of tequila, or preferred sweetness level, the entire packet of mix may not be required for the best flavor.
Wasting Away Again?  Seasoned Margarita drinkers may want to use two jiggers of tequila.
Add Fresh Lime Juice.  A squeeze of fresh lime juice enhances the flavor of Zilch.  If you prefer a tart margarita, keep squeezing.
Salt the Rim.  Rub lime on the rim, and dip in salt for the most authentic tasting Margarita.  Not appropriate for some national diet plans, but fun if you can have it.
In a Restaurant or Bar?  Always ask for lime when you order your tequila and water on the rocks.  It tastes great, and looks refreshing.
Hosting a Large Party?  Make Zilch by the Gallon.  Buy a gallon jug of water.  Pour four cups of the water out of the gallon. (You can drink it - it's good for you).  Mix twelve packets of Zilch with 3 cups of high quality tequila (see above).  Add to water remaining in Gallon jug.  Squeeze in a little fresh lime juice.  Replace the cap and shake up and down, back and forth.  Taste it (it's a hard job, but someone has to do it).  Add two or three more packets if needed to taste.  Shake again.  Best if made up a day ahead and refrigerated, but you can drink it on the spot if you didn't plan ahead.  Delicious!  Your guests will never know they are drinking sugar free Margaritas - unless, of course, you tell them.  They will love you for sharing your secret.
Have Zilch, Will Travel.  Take Zilch packets for restaurants and bars, and take a flask of tequila and Zilch for the hotel room.  And, Zilch is perfect for any cruise.  Don't drink all those caloric, sugar-laden punch drinks.  You can needlessly add thousands of calories to an already calorie filled week.  Drink Zilch, and you can hit the buffets without guilt.
If you have a tip that you think our customers would like to hear, please e-mail us at