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My name is Marcy Johnson, and I am a Realtor in a beautiful town just north of Houston, Texas. As a woman in my fifties, I wanted to follow a healthier lifestyle. But I love Mexican food and Margaritas. Actually, I love any food and Margaritas. But when I discovered that an 8 oz. Margarita has a whopping 550 calories, I knew I had to invent a sugar free Margarita, or I would never be able to stick to any diet!

What I came up with was a recipe for an authentic tasting, delicious, sugar free Margarita. I began carrying my mix with me to parties and restaurants, and all of my friends and family were also drinking and loving this new sugar free concoction.

At the time, my son was living overseas. Each time he returned home and saw that I was still drinking the same sugar free Margaritas, he would encourage me to make my recipe available to the public. Finally, he convinced me that such a great recipe was too good to keep to myself —and Zilch was born. We began offering the product to all of you in January, 2005.

My daughter, in her thirties and heavy into the Bunko scene, also loves Zilch. It is the hit of her neighborhood parties. She is my biggest fan, because we have each lost over 40 pounds drinking these great sugar free Margaritas! We think you’ll enjoy them too.

Here's to Zilch,